Istituto Secoli Fashion Show

The concept of this project is a profound exploration, redefining "beyond the place" as a boundless realm, a shared station where every individual carries a unique fragment, a memory of their surroundings. Within this space, interpretation knows no boundaries – no rigid confines of aesthetics or morality.

Our fabrics weave themselves into this narrative, becoming the very threads that connect us to these memories, these stories. They carry the weight of experience, the textures of life, and the depth of individuality. And they do so with a grace that imposes no interpretive, aesthetic, or moral limits.
In a practical sense, this collection dares to explore the art of "unreasoned modeling" or "modeling inaccuracies." It takes everyday objects, familiar forms, and gently reshapes them. There's a subtle transformation at play, with twists and slants that add a new dimension to the traditional. It's a testament to the limitless creativity that flows within this "beyond the place" ideology.

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